RMCA Pro Samples

The quality of the instrument sounds that you will hear depends on the sound card or sound module that you are using. For best results, it is recommended playing the songs on a wave synthesis card or an external sound module. If you use a high quality wave synthesis card or sound module, styles created and played by RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro or reproduced by MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section (MAAS) will absolutely sound professionally.

If your browser supports it, you can listen to the songs directly from this page or you can download and play them in any program that loads and plays standard MIDI files. Note: the chords are implemented in the songs. So, try out RMCA Pro, load the midifiles and improvise with your keyboard or your MIDI controller always in C major. The melody-Ad Lib-function will make an excellent musician out to you !

RMCA Pro & MAAS Demo Styles (12k - 25k) ...

This section contains a collection of grooves (chord sequences) which were created with RMCA and recorded in real time, only using the mouse, RMCA chordpads and function keys - without any after-work. Each song is saved as a Standard MIDI File and uses the General MIDI standard for patch numbers and drum notes. These small pieces will give you a feeling which is called it to make music "live" !

Download the whole collection - (RMCAdemo.zip - 55 k) [ Top ]

How RMCA Pro's Style Creator works ...

  • Download or listen to measures 10 - 33 of a Standard MIDI File, wich was opened and saved by RMCA (14 k).

  • Download or listen to the same measures, converted into a style by one mouse click using the standard settings [identify chords every 2/4 measure - work on notes which don't match the C major chord] (14 k)

    At this "click" RMCA first has recognized the chords and has created a LeadSheet, wich could be changed, printed or saved as an arrangement. Then RMCA has transposed the notes by the fact that it used special routines. The result are measures wich can be defined (looped) as styleparts.

  • Download or listen to a song, composed in Bb major ( LeadSheet) with the new style after two styleparts were defined (looped) as follows: Basic : measures 10 - 13 (ch. 4 - perc. organ muted) and Extended : measures 30 - 33.

    At this RMCA has created the style with the following parts automatically :

    • Intro : Count in - 1 measure
    • Basic : 4 measures (10 -13) as defined
    • Extended : 4 measures (30 - 33) as defined
    • Ending : Fade out
    • Fill in Basic : 1 measure (13)
    • Fill in Extended : 1 measure (33)
    • To Extended : 1 measure (13)
    • To Basic : 1 measure (33)

    The song itself was recorded with a simple MIDI Controller (48 keys) in two phases : First the chords, then the melody notes (ch. 1) by using the Ad Lib function and predefined instruments were entered in real time (27 k).

Download all demo files - (RMCAwork.zip - 19 k) [ Top ]

RMCA Pro's MIDI export functions ...

People who own high quality keyboards perhaps would like to enrich their style libraries, using a sequencer or a special software like
GNIStyle by Guenter Nagler.

The registered version of RMCA Pro offers the possibility to save (converted) measures of a MIDI song, a complete style or a style part as a standard MIDI file (type 0). Such a file could be the base for each "after-work" or for "style-converting", using sequencers or special software. You can download from here the demo style "Rock1" with the different parts (measures) as a MIDI file and the same style, subdivided into 8 small MIDI files as a ZIP file .

Download sample MIDI file - (Rock1.mid - 10 k)
Download sample ZIP file - (Rock1.zip - 7 k) [ Top ]

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if you would like to listen to background music, which was created with RMCA.


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