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Since my early youth I love to play guitar and to deal with sound engineering. Later on, programming was added. Until I finished my school education and my university studies I played in several bands, but when I entered professional life I was no longer able to do so in terms of time. Therefore, I was looking for a solution to realize the concept of "playing along" all by myself and started to develop a software that would provide me with the "band background" (drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, strings, winds, pads, etc.) in good sound quality to which I could improvise alone "for hours" with my electric guitars or with a keyboard.

The result was RMCA Pro (Realtime Midi Chord Arrager Pro) !

The sound output of the styles and songs is done via "LoopMIDI" to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), through which the electric guitar is also connected with a number of effects. The result is an almost "studio-ready" overall sound, which is appropriately enriched via various VST plug-ins. With this "setup" most of my own instrumental tracks published on this website have been recorded - each "live" in "one piece".

Extremely helpful in this is RMCA Pro's "chord preview function", which shows every upcoming chord change up to 3/4 of a bar in advance on the screen, so that you can prepare for it in time. This option allows improvising or accompanying completely unknown musical material. 

RMCA Pro can also independently compose chord progressions according to corresponding specifications and existing musical requirements and, if desired, also mix so-called "common chord progressions" so that, for example, interesting variations of known chord progressions can also be created.

What the chord preview looks like in "practice" is illustrated, for example, in the following approx. 3.23-minute video from my website "":

Call up RMCA practice mode with chord preview
and creation of multiple RMCA Pro Jam tracks

Another 4 videos there were published to help interested "newbies" and active users better understand my software RMCA Pro and its capabilities. 

More examples: The following two instrumental tracks (CoolBeat and JazzBlueswere recorded "live" - without any preparation completely spontaneously - by my friend Juergen on electric bass and me on electric guitar to backing tracks which were generated by my software "RMCA Pro":

Juergen is a so-called "studied professional musician" as well as a guitar
 and bass teacher and can be contacted via the Internet as follows:

In the last few years I also became more and more interested in photography and in presenting "slideshows" with different image transitions.

With regard to the English-language version of this website, I would like to conclude by apologizing for any linguistic and/or grammatical errors. "English" is not my native language, so it cannot be excluded that wrong references are made, expressions are used incorrectly or terms do not fit to the described facts. Despite everything, I hope that it has always become clear what was meant.

  Thank you very much for your understanding and for your attention!